DIGITAL DIVA DELUXE is a multi-brand, which was  founded by Fanny Zschau and the first Divas the 07-07-2007 as a classical editorial office to create digital magazines for the now discontinued Apple iKiosk. Today DIGITAL DIVA DELUXE | MEDIA SERVICES works for international public relations agencies like AVANTGARDE, Fischer Appelt or Serviceplan PR Group. As well as for corporate magazines like MONEY | TIMES, neubaukompass Premium Magazin or Deutsche Banks qiio Magazine.

Our Divas develop concepts, content, and strategies for publishing houses like Axel Springer, Handelsblatt Media Group and Holderstock Media. And last, but not least all of our experienced Divas love to travel and work not only remotely for projects all over the world.

Key Projects

Digitization of Diplomatisches Magazin

Digitization of EXBERLINER, Iomauna Media

PR campaign for the opening of The Latest Store, AVANTGARDE

Developing the AsiaBerlin Summit 2022 show #99investors, enpact

Social media campaigning for the platform Europe Bottom-Up, Stiftung Zukunft

Editorial Team Berlin for neubaukompass

Delegation travel to Tanzania and Kenya with GIZ and Goethe

TECH AWARD GALA, Rotes Rathaus


Are you planning a digital communication strategy, a social media campaign, the digitization of your publications or do you want to promote your company or event with innovative content formats? Just order our female task force that gets started right away and supports you with up to seven hearts and brains for up to seven days at a location of your choice.

DIGITAL DIVA DELUXE | THE TASKFORCE is your ultimate Hotshop for fast results. Here you get tailor-made perfect solutions for you, your products and your company and we will answer your burning questions. DIGITAL DIVA DELUXE | THE TASKFORCE is ready to think and implement your concerns in a new way, adapted to the current time and beyond.

Key Competencies

Professional content creators

Creative approach to problem-solving

Strong communication skills

Business mindset

Strong organizational skills

Ability to work under pressure

Serving diverse target groups


All our members of the DIGITAL DIVA DELUXE | THE TASKFORCE not only support each other, but also help other girls and women as well as fair and sustainable companies and organizations to define their heart projects. We help you to find the right Diva for your needs and to present yourself professionally to interested partners and the public.We also love to coach and encourage entrepreneurial women from all over the world, to help them to curate their projects and successfully put them on the scene.

Founded in Berlin, our network operates completely international. So if you are working on a heart project yourself please don’t hesitate to contact one right now. Have a closer look at some of our previous projects and on the portfolios on our DIGITAL DIVA DELUXE | THE TASKFORCE team and follow some of our Divas on LinkedIn:


DIGITAL DIVA DELUXE | THE TASKFORCE helps you with everything around communicating your heart projects to different target groups. Our aim is to make good projects visible and successful as well as to help with all the group members to make the world a little bit better. So please feel welcome to post your projects in into our LinkedIn group  and find here a lot of professionals around our network to help you with their knowhow and services.

Our aim is to form strong and well-fitting Task Forces around your heart projects. With our accumulated knowledge and together thousands of years of professional experience, we are sure that we can form a communicative task force for every project. So please use the group or write to us using the contact form below if you need a female task force to help you make your projects visible and successful as fast as friendly.

Key Services



Corporate Publishing



Strategic Consulting

Trouble Shooting



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